The following gratisfaction giveaway demos (restaurant themed) are built to get customers to engage with your business in several different ways including joining you newsletter, following you via Facebook® or Twitter®, or simply referring your business (and your giveaway) with family, friends and/or co-workers.

This allows continuous building of your marketing list and provides you the on-going opportunity to share deals, specials and/or events to your list for virtually FREE via eMail and/or text message (voicemail drops coming soon!).

This dessert giveaway demo is set up without an age restriction FREE Dessert Giveaway DEMO

This meal giveaway demo is set up with an age restriction where the age restriction can be 13 and above, 18 and above or 21 and above FREE Meal Giveaway DEMO

If you believe a Giveaway(s) contest(s) could help you grow your business, ultimately increasing revenues and profits, and you’d like to incorporate this highly effective (and extremely addictive) customer acquisition formula into your marketing program(s), simply contact us on our home page and we’ll get back with you to discuss in more detail how to move forward.

Maybe you’re unsure about the Giveaway(s) app and would like to see and learn more about the other gamification apps we have available to help you grow your business? Simply visit our Gratisfaction page and take those software’s for a test drive so as to experience first-hand how those games work and how they’ll help your business be more successful and make you more money.