Play-2-WIN.com is a web property owned and operated by MomentuMarketing.net who’s business is built around providing alternative digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.

Play-2-WIN.com was created and is focused on utilizing addictive gamification apps and software to help businesses effectively grow their customer base and increase profits.

Gamification has been around for many years but has been unfortunately focused mainly on keeping employees engaged and happy within the workplace.

Most recently gamification has become more mainstream and has been adapted to help businesses of all sizes and types gain new customers, keep current customers coming back, all while enticing them to spend more money and most importantly, increase business revenues.

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However, if you believe contests, sweepstakes and/or giveaways (gamification) could help you grow your business, ultimately increasing revenues and profits, and you’d like to incorporate this highly effective (and extremely addictive) customer acquisition formula into your marketing program(s), simply contact us on our MomentuMarketing.net home page and we’ll get back with you to discuss in more detail how to move forward.